Core competencies

SEF is an expert in producing coils and electromagnets for particle accelerators. In this capacity SEF develops prototypes and manufactures products to customer specifications. We control the entire production cycle from design studies to delivery of the finished product, guaranteeing optimal production quality, respect for deadlines, and customised solutions.


Equipped with CAD/CAM software, SEF carries out the studies required to optimise the manufacture of magnets. This phase is  a key step in the finalisation of detailed plans, and proposing and integrating modifications needed to produce them. It is carried out in close collaboration with the customer and is essential to produce unique, complex and tailor-made products.


of coils

Each coil is a unique, hand-crafted product that meets the most demanding quality standards. Tooling, winding, casting, vacuum impregnation, and hydraulic, electrical and insulation tests all require specialized expertise combining the excellence of craftsmanship and the rigour of industrial processes.



SEF is equipped with its own mechanical workshop ensuring that it controls the entire electromagnet production process. The machining of parts in its own workshops allows SEF to be proactive, while ensuring optimal security, competitive pricing, and a total autonomy when it comes to producing electromechanical assemblies.

Equipped with high precision industrial capacities, SEF also provides machining services on request for research centres and higher education institutions such as ONERA, ENSEEIHT and ISAE, and industrial companies such as SAFRAN, SKF and AIRBUS Group.


Assembly, control and testing

Each magnet produced by SEF requires the utmost accuracy in assembly. SEF dedicates specific skills and resources to delivering the highest quality magnets. As part of this approach, SEF tests and verifies the performances of each magnet to validate compliance with specifications and adjusts them if necessary. Our engineers use a state-of-the-art magnetic measurement bench.