The company

SEF, created in 1981, manufactures electromagnets used in particle accelerators, mainly synchrotrons and linear accelerators.

Based in the Toulouse area, SEF has over 40 years’ unique expertise in this high-tech sector. With a reputation for reliability and excellence, SEF has earned the trust of leading scientific and industrial organizations such as CERN, CEA, THALES, GANIL, ESRF, SOLEIL, CNRS, and SAFRAN.

In particular, SEF magnets equip synchrotrons of CERN in Geneva, the largest particle accelerator in the world, as well as ESRF in Grenoble and the SOLEIL synchrotron in Saclay. A trusted partner of research organisations and industry, SEF, through its products, contributes to the expansion of knowledge in a wide range of fields including fundamental research, material physics, chemistry, nanotechnologies and medicine.


The collaborators

The collaborators

The SEF team is comprised of twelve highly experienced professionals including operators, technicians and engineers with knowledge and competencies developed and transmitted over four decades. With this small, agile team and its in-depth technological expertise, SEF delivers tailor-made solutions for its customers, no matter how demanding or complex their requirements. SEF is fully committed to building long-term partnerships with its clients.

In 2020 SEF was taken over by Eric Fanio, an engineer in physics and electronics specialised in industrial management. Today the company is in a new phase of development with one overriding ambition: to satisfy the requirements of clients even better than ever in particular within the scope of innovative projects to better serve science, industry and healthcare.

Value, vision

Our values, vision

  • At SEF we put people  not only at the heart of our expertise and know-how, passed on from generation to generation, but also at the core of our relationships with customers and suppliers.In keeping with this people focus we value proximity and active listening. SEF is committed to maintaining sustainable, positive relationships with its customers based on the principles of openness and transparency. For each project, SEF engages as a trusted partner with the agility and proactive mindset to adapt to any requirements, no matter how challenging. We are committed to working together with our customers to develop optimal solutions.


  • Our excellence is based on over 40 years of  technological expertise and our highly skilled, rigorous team. It is because we are so demanding that SEF magnets are recognised for their excellent performance, quality and finish. And the company is engaged in a continuous improvement approach, with the aim of perfecting our processes in order to deliver solutions to ever more complex projects.