SEF, created in 1981, manufactures electromagnets used in particle accelerators, mainly synchrotrons and linear accelerators.

SEF, a high-tech company based in Greater Toulouse, has developed its unique expertise and skills in magnets for over forty years. Thanks to our extensive know-how, reliability, and the high quality of our products, we have earned the trust of leading French and European scientific and industrial organizations and companies including CERN, CEA, THALES, GANIL, ESRF, SOLEIL, CNRS , ELETTRA, SAFRAN…

SEF magnets are used in major scientific synchrotrons (CERN in Geneva, ESRF in Grenoble, SOLEIL in Paris Saclay), in proton radiotherapy machines (IBA), and in equipment used in the manufacture of semiconductors (IBS). With its products and investments, SEF is helping to drive progress in cutting-edge sectors such as fundamental research (Big Science industry), the medical and the semiconductor industries.


The collaborators

SEF has a team of twenty experienced, qualified individuals along with four decades of experience. Our operators, technicians, and engineers use their extensive skills and know-how to make each client’s project a success.

Under the impetus of new ownership in 2020, SEF has entered a new phase of development. Operational excellence and service quality guide daily operations without compromising our core values. SEF’s human dimension, combined with our solid technological expertise, empower us to establish successful and sustainable relationships with our customers. SEF offers tailor-made solutions adapted to each of our customers’ needs and constraints.

Our commitment to supporting our clients better than ever, while helping them to deliver their innovative projects, serving science, industry and health, led us to develop our design office. Today SEF is equipped to handle every step of magnet design and conception, and we guarantee the total quality of parts we produce.

Value, vision

SEF Technologies puts people first. Our team builds a close relationship with each customer and supplier based on active listening and a proactive attitude.

  • Committed to providing the best performance and excellent products, SEF proposes global support. We advise and support our clients at every key step: requirements definition, calculations and simulations, design and production, tests, and final delivery of each finished magnet.  We treat each order with the utmost rigour, using our expertise and technological skills; this is the heart of the SEF quality approach.


  • SEF cultivates and maintains close, long-term relationships with our its customers in the spirit of openness and transparency. Our monthly project progress reviews are especially appreciated. As a trusted partner, we adapt to our customers’ constraints. We take an agile approach to finding the best solutions together.


  • Our continuous improvement process empowers SEF to evolve and constantly improve. The growing skills of our teams allow us to engage in ever-more complex projects and to focus on new markets.